We sit in the Tulipland office with smiles on our faces, you can virtually see the potato crops growing in the ground. We have had some rain (about time) but we need more. Good news as the best time for rain is at tuber initiation, along with decent temperatures the new crop is looking good. However there is still a way to go yet…..


As to the old crop; certainly more crop has recently in the last month come forward. As we thought higher prices all season have been supply led and not demand. This supply is now being offered out of store as farmers are running out of time with marketing for this season. It is a shame that prices were falsely kept high for much of the season, as it does affect sales, and now the true picture of supply is emerging.


In August, during some stage we will commence packing new crop. Where will these prices start? It all really depends on what stocks are left from this season. However, we are starting to feel the old crop will not be cleared in time, before new crop lifting commences and there will be a cross over. Not a good situation for growers or packers.


With regards salads. We have around about another 2 weeks on old crop and then we will be moving over onto new crop Norfolk Maris Peer. Suffolk Maris Peer is already being offered at similar levels to old salad crop prices.


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