NEWSLETTER – July 2017

At Tulipland Potatoes the new season is already underway for salads; Maris Peer. As they are set skin, these are holding up very well and sales are good. It has been a very successful transition from French, on to Israeli….. Back to English.

Crop reports for new crop ware/Bakers are still vague and variable however, the Marfona that we have viewed looks a bold and bright clean skin finish. Skins are virtually fully set on early burnt off material.

It is certainly good news that virtually all of the old crop is now cleared. It certainly looked like a disaster 6 weeks ago and that potentially old crop would overlap with the start at some stage of new crop and compromise initial sales. However it certainly looks like this will not be the case and week commencing 24th July Tulipland Potatoes will start on set skin new crop Marfona. We will still be offering old crop Bakers as this is still very good quality and preferred by customers.

As the height of summer and the onset of school holidays approaches certain areas of sales will naturally decline as they always do.

My thoughts for the season ahead are a hope that supply will not be limited by growers starving the market, but that a fair price is realised for the crop the whole season. Certainly no business, from the farmer to the end user can operate for long without a profit.

Here at Tulipland Potatoes we certainly try to offer a good quality product at a competitive price; 52 weeks of the year. Our customer requirements are top of our “to achieve and maintain” list and this we will continue to do throughout the 2017/2018 season.

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