NEWSLETTER- December 2017

As we all rapidly approach the end of another year….. time for reflection on this season’s trade and also the potential direction of trade in the New Year.

As a company, here at Tulipland Potatoes Limited we are very grateful to all of our customers and indeed suppliers.

Firstly customers; who have remained loyal, hopefully because they feel that they have received a good service, good quality, at a fair price. We have remained busy and have maintained and in fact increased our customer base. We are very conscious that we have to “look after our customers”, as the success of their business has direct implication on Tulipland Potatoes.

Certainly, from the end of last season to the start of this season until present we have very much witnessed an oversupply of product. Prices have dipped to levels that we thought we would never see again. However, we have maintained our market share in this hostile environment, mainly due to sourcing and packing potatoes that are fit for purpose- “they cook”. If chefs are happy then generally everybody is happy. It’s all about good cooking varieties and dry matter.

Going forward in 2018 we cannot really see things altering. Ample supply for what will be a steady demand.

May I take this opportunity to wish all of our customers “A very Happy Christmas” and “A Prosperous New Year”.

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