Tulipland Potatoes certainly has the infrastructure to cope with considerable growth and, as good news travels fast, it is finding that it is attracting new customers simply through reputation and word-of-mouth. No wonder, then, that more and more growers wish to become associated with the company. Naturally, growers increasingly need access to the various UK markets in order to survive and prosper in what is a fiercely competitive industry. Tulipland Potatoes can give them that access - and a lot more besides.

The highly experienced procurement team source raw material from many regions of the UK, with full control being maintained to provide documented traceability to ensure the company's strict quality assurance requirements are being adhered to. All growers that supply Tulipland Potatoes have to follow stringent growing and quality control methods.

The potato trade is a volatile one, however, as history has demonstrated. Potatoes remain one of the very few common agricultural products unregulated in the quantity of acreage and supply. They are also prey, of course, to the vagaries of the British climate. All of this is largely beyond Tulipland Potatoes' control, but it does much to help itself, such as providing good service and quality - consistent quality. Good business practice and good customer/ supplier relations cannot be damaged by the weather.