The Team

Good people, of course, are the lifeblood of any successful company, and at Tulipland Potatoes they have one of the best teams in the industry. The fact that it is still a family run concern must surely give the company a competitive edge too, with Tulipland Potatoes being more than 'just a business' to the Stanberry family, with a genuine pride and desire to supply just what its customers require at the very heart of the company's working philosophy.




Jenny Stanberry

Managing Director

"I ensure that all who work with Tulipland Potatoes Limited are aware of the company's commitment to quality and their individual and collective responsibilities. Employees are shown clear leadership and are regularly informed how they can contribute to the sites ongoing policy for the provision of safe products of the quality desired by the customer. All staff are encouraged to work towards this common goal".

Molly Stanberry
Technical Assistant
"I am really proud to be the next generation of Stanberrys to follow in the potato industry. I certainly gained invaluable knowledge from my Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing that I can utilise here at Tulipland Potatoes."
Rick Limb
Procurement / Sales
"A dedicated farmer supply base makes my job easier to procure the best possible potatoes for the pack house. Although we are always looking to take on board further suppliers of quality product. Tulipland Potatoes consistent customer base means that many customers have now become life long friends".
Tina Robinson
Production/ Technical
Since 1992 Tina has gained production knowledge in customer’s exact product specifications. "Whatever their requirements we can produce it for them."

Brent Sturman Brent Sturman
Maintenance Manager
"Even if it means working around the clock; it is my main aim to keep the factory functioning so that we meet customer’s deadlines".
Veronica Smith Veronica Smith
Administration Assistant
Veronica assists Tracy in the day to day running of the office.
Tracy Baker Tracy Baker
Administration Manager
Since 2002, Tracy has kept close control of all the companies administration and finances.

Outloading Team

John Booth passing on his knowledge to Harry Rodgers.

The Intake Team

Kathy Burton, Neil Panks, Mike Lyon and Daniel Mortimer. Dedicated to keeping things rolling with 70 year's service between them.

Production Supervisor

Anna Lewandowska and her hard working team.